jimmy dormire "PREMONITION"

behind the project "PREMONITION"

The project became a truly focused vision back in April 2006 when I began to cut my first tracks and hear them come to life. My sole  purpose of this first release was to present a deeply soulful and heartfelt project with an underlying "message of peace". It displays a cross section of my playing and vocal style combined with spiritual elements that guide my focus. There are  instrumentals and vocal pieces with a flowing structure throughout the album. The opening track entitled   "The Burning Sky" has a "Shakti" Indian influenced groove with with a haunting blues intro, written as a musical prayer for Mother Earth. "Freedom Train" has a Southern Rock feel and is totally about freedom, releasing yourself from a bad place moving toward the good. There's "Notion's Bag" which is a funky and uplifting piece intended to be musical medicine for the people and spirit of New Orleans. "As Above As Below" is an offering for Mother Earth, to give her respect as if heaven were here on earth, inspired by a painting by the great Native American artist "Bearcloud".  The piece entitled "Aishitemasu" means I love you in Japanese with a subliminal message of "All You Need is Love" featuring my wife Junko's beautiful voice, I wrote this piece in Kyoto Japan looking out our hotel window over this mystical city. The following songs convey a message of Peace, Love and Hope. There's "Sorrows End" which has a cosmic Hendrix R&B type of vibe. "Peace Merchants" is an anthem for peace with a blues funk feel. A highly emotional piece entitled "The Infinite Line" which is for my  Mom and and all the good Mom's out there, by loving their children they have a direct line to heaven. "Fall Down On Your Knee's" is about redemption with a Southern gospel feel. A very deep piece entitled "Ashes and the Waterfall" is my anti-war statement about the voices of our ancestors and fallen war veterans that keep whispering in our head to heed the call for war. The last cut "Premonition" is a Delta blues inspired piece with breathing chord voicings that are intended to leave a haunting spirit...This album in its entirety is a painting of my heart and soul...I have totally "spoken my own truth" here...Chris Kent on Bass from (The Larry Carlton Band), Nioshi Jackson on Drums, Shannon Wickline on  B3 Organ and Howard and Dottie Eddy on background vocals. 
"Each moment is the universe"

Just listened to your music  and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a big fan of the blues and slide guitar and its great to hear you dropping some Indian influence into this nice soup. 
John Mclaughlin 

 A very soulful recording and I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Made me think of the Subdudes with a reflection of the Allman Brothers throughout. A great project to have in your back pocket when the time is right. 
Dave Pomeroy, 
Bassist/ Producer, Nashville 

Accurate, quick, precise in time, tone and taste. 
Col. Bruce Hampton 

Jimmy Dormire is an artist with the Spirit and Soul of a Musical Peacemaker. He has his own Voice and his sliding slide cuts deep into my soul. His use of space within his phrasing has a breathing to it. I am a Fan! 
Stan Lassiter 
Guitarist, Nashville 

B.B, King meets Allan Holdsworth! 
Andy Ellis, 
Editor/Guitar Player and Premier Guitar Magazine 

The Allman Brothers meets Jesus! 
Cody McCarver 
Outlaw Gospel Artist/PLC Records